COVID-19  -  Post-lockdown

1. All activities on LF&HA property are subject to the COVID-19 Act of 2020 & the regulations derived from it. Social distancing must be maintained by all harbour users at all times until this pandemic ends
(two people cannot pass at a safe distance)

2. Craning will take place on the Monday 8th of June 2020, starting at 0700

3. The Harbour will open to summer-licensed vessels on Sunday 14th of June

4. No vessels are permitted to be brought & berthed at the Harbour before Sunday 14th of June apart from licensed kayaks / canoes / paddleboards onto a rack position,  or tenders to vessels already on moorings before 8th June

5. More detailed information has already been emailed to all members.   Contact  if necessary.

G  F  Wheeler

Harbour Board Chairman


Facilities available to permanent Lympstone residents only

Craning Ashore:
Friday 2 October 2020
from 0630

All privately-owned dinghies, & summer-only licensed tenders & craft to be removed from
the Harbour by
1900 on Wednesday 30 September
to allow time for site preparation & marking out for craning the following day

Who owns Lympstone Harbour?  

The story of the genesis of LF&HA

Genesis of LFHA

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License Labels from 2/6/20

Craning is going ahead on Monday 8th June

The Harbour Opens to the berthing of licensed dinghies & small craft from

Sunday 14th June


Timeline for Harbour return to
 'Summer Mode' on 14th June 2020

Many thanks to all members who are co-operating in these unusual times.

1. The daily socially-distanced bringing & launching of light craft is permitted as long as said craft are taken home again overnight until 14th June after which normal summer licensing conditions apply.

2. Licence Labels will only be available from
2 June, so unlabelled permitted boat use before then is OK.

3. DIY-launchers of summer-moored dayboats and any dinghies now on hard standing must vacate the Hard Standing by end of 7th June.

4. Only tenders to already moored vessels allowed to be brought to the  Harbour before 14th June, stored only on Ted's Folly or in racks.  
All other vessels to await 14th June.

5. Kayaks/canoes/paddleboards may only be stored on racks. If racks become full, take your craft home again & inform LF&HA Membership Secretary  

6. There will be a Hard Standing tidying-up work-party from 1400 on Saturday 13th June. Anyone willing to help would be most welcome, in a social distancing manner of course.

7. LF&HA has gratefully received notices of 8 dinghies that will not be brought to Hard Standing this summer, so things might work out fine for dinghy sailors; fingers crossed.

8. As more members are about, it is easy to forget

social distancing, so please keep alert, especially to covid-vulnerable individuals or family groups that may be blocked by your position on a constricted route.

9. Queries to

2006_Lympstone Herald Digital Issue June.pdf

June Herald

September 1957

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