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FAQ 2:  Do I need to be a member of LFHA?

If you wish to keep any vessel at the Harbour or on LFHA property, or to launch and retrieve over the foreshore, the answer is ‘yes’.

To qualify for membership you must be a permanent Lympstone resident, on the Electoral Role.   

Why?  Simply because the harbour and the foreshore are privately owned by LFHA.  LFHA needs income from members to provide and maintain the property and facilities.  With limited resource, we can only attempt to satisfy demand from within the Parish.

Where licensed owners bring vehicles and vehicle-towed trailers to the slipway at the harbour, neither shall be parked on LFHA property whilst respective vessels are afloat.

Drivers are requested to plan any such launching & recovery at times to avoid LSC sailing activity on the slipway.

How do I become a member?