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Our Association came into being to manage & administer boating facilities on behalf of the landowner. Later, the Association purchased the whole harbour area & 48 acres of foreshore & moorings (fundus), stretching from Darling Rock to Courtlands Cross, for the benefit of Lympstone boat users. We also lease more foreshore & fundus  north of Darling Rock. License fees are charged to maintain the property.   

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The Association owns the harbour, slipway, foreshore and fundus (moorings) within the Parish and appoints a Harbour Board as its Executive Committee. It is the Board’s duty to operate & maintain LFHA property according to maritime, civil & environmental legislation for the benefit of its members. The Board promulgates Rules for its members, sets & collects license fees, organises & regulates the harbour & the fundus & maintains the Harbour Walls & Slipway whilst holding stewardship of the Association’s finances. The Harbour Board meets in 11 months of the year (usually in the first week) to conduct its business whilst the Association meets at an Annual General Meeting, usually in February, to ratify Rules, elect members of the Board including the senior officers & endorse proposals for fee rates & any other exceptional business in need of common assent.

All Lympstone boat owners who wish to launch, berth or moor their vessels on LFHA property (and thus most LSC members with boats) must be current LFHA members who have paid their license fees. Management of the Association is carried out by part-time, unpaid volunteers & is thus rule-based. Members must comply with the and instructions of the Harbour Board.

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