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 Option 1:  Application  for Membership of the Association

          click <<here>> to access the form for printing

New applicants for licenses to use LFHA property for boating should use Option 1 to apply to the Harbour Board for membership.

Existing LFHA members wishing to make changes to their existing licenses should use Option 2.

 Option 2:    Variation of License Request - current members

Please send email by clicking on:

Mail: - VoR

and complete information as requested


RED means there is no space available at present.

AMBER marginal resource available, ask for latest info

GREEN use Option 1 or 2 below to apply.

Availability of Berthing Resources:  August 2018

Summer Season Hardstanding



Canoes on racks

Summer Season Tidal Harbour (wet H.)


Estuary Moorings (mainly summer only)


Beach Moorings - tenders only

Winter Berths for summer moored vessels

Hardstanding - waiting list only

Tidal harbour