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Licensing of multiple
Homebased Portable Craft (HPC)

Whilst the requirement that every craft on LF&HA property shall display a valid Licence Label remains, for small craft brought from home storage to launch & retrieve by hand, the Label may be affixed to a transferable tag.  So LF&HA members with multiple craft kept at home who only ever use one at a time, only need one license, the fee for which is £10 per annum.

Existing LF&HA members wishing to add or change to an HPC license : email the membership secretary

If you are not yet an LF&HA member (have no vessels licensed) please click on ‘Licences’ above and complete an Application for Membership Form.

 The following conditions apply:

Further explanation:

For 2020, there are new possibilities for ‘Launching Only’ licensees.

If you have several such craft, but only ever bring one to launch at any one time, then the requirement to permanently affix the Licence Label to each craft is relaxed, and the label can be stuck to a home-made ‘tag’.  This tag, displaying the License Label can then be temporarily attached to the craft you are using that day.

So, if you have for instance, a canoe, a paddleboard and a kayak that are kept at home, but you are the only user of any one of the three at a time, you only need a single £10pa license for the 2020 season.  If any combination of these 3 craft are used by two persons simultaneously, then two licenses should be obtained.

This nuance of the ‘launching only’ license is to minimise costs where appropriate, but to encourage all users of launching & recovery craft to contribute in a small way for the privilege of using LF&HA property by helping with maintenance costs.

You are encouraged to join Lympstone Sailing Club whose members run social & on the water activities.  They meet on Friday nights from 1930.