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AGM 2018


Store      16.3.18

Oversubscription of the Hard

Slipway clear-up this Sunday 18th March has been CANCELLED due to non-arrival of booked equipment.  Many thanks to those who offered to help.

Please avoid delays by using the grey metal “LFHA” letterbox near the LFHA Noticeboard for LFHA business.  (Rather than the green wooden box with green metal letterbox marked LSC!)      9/3/18

Deadline for ALL payments 12th March 2018  Thereafter a 20% lateness surcharge will operate.  If no communication by end of March, membership will be cancelled.    9/3/18

LFHA Personal Data policy (GDPR) statement now under “Info”                8.3.18

Calendar 2018                                                                                         page updated 28.2.18

Feb 16    LFHA AGM, report

Feb 17    Week beginning:  Invoices issued to all new & 2017 licensees - valid until 4 March.  For more see answer to FAQ 12

Mar 5     Invoices not paid before this day will be re-issued at 120% of original amount.

Mar 18  Volunteers with shovels from 4pm to clear mud from slipway

Apr 1    Members not paid-up before today will not be licensed in 2018

Apr 3   Craning Afloat - safety briefing 0715
a]  Owners of winter dry-berthed vessels who launch independently must have removed their vessels to moorings
before this day.
b]  Owners of vessels with raised masts must have moved away from the east side of the wet harbour

Apr 4-7  No vessels may be brought to the harbour during this period except tenders to vessels now on moorings

Apr 7      Clean up of hard from 1400  

Apr 8    0600 Harbour Opens to summer-licensed vessels

Oct 13      Craning Ashore,  morning.