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Sowden End - Access to the Water

Lympstone Fishery & Harbour Association owns most of the foreshore between Darling Rock and Courtland’s Cross.  This is a village organization run by volunteers for the benefit of the Parish which means that the harbour, hard standing and moorings in its possession are the cheapest in England.

  The ramp at Sowden End – which was built as a reinforcement to the road – is being used as a slipway and as a convenient access to the foreshore by vehicles.  The Harbour Board has attempted to discourage this practice with the help of the local PCSO and the Parish Council but the remorseless pressure on land around the estuary means that more and more vehicles and unlicensed shellfish farmers transporting crews and cargoes in white vans are getting onto the foreshore.  The estuary is a highly protected environment and is a Site of Special Scientific Interest; fines for pollution could reach a limit of £20,000. 

The Harbour Board has a duty to do what it can to prevent any possibility of pollution and is working with the Environment Agency, the Marine Management Organisation and the Exe Estuary Management Partnership to seek a solution to unregulated vehicular access.             

Harbour Board 12.9.16